Welcome to Fairfield University's Mathematics Center's Webpage! 

The Mathematics Center is located in the Academic Commons on the main floor of the DiMenna-Nyselius Library and it is a place where Fairfield University students can get free tutoring for their core math classes.  However, in Spring 2021 all tutoring will continue to be done online via Zoom. NO face to face tutoring will be offered this semester or during finals week.

Spring Semester and Finals Week 2021

The Math Center is now open (virtually) during the Spring 2021 for all first year math classes. Beginning on 2/1/2021, students can log in (to the right) to see the current Math Center schedule.

We also offer our virtual drop-in hours (no appointment needed though you'll need to log in to get the Zoom link).  The drop-in hours are posted below.  Sign in to get the link to the virtual drop-in hours or Math Study Hall.  Students in MATH 1015 are encouraged to attend the drop-in tutoring sessions.

Students can also sign into schedule a free half-hour individual tutoring appointment by Zoom for precalculus/calculus and statistics (up to 3 per week, as space allows).  Please note the subjects when making an appointment.  For individual appointments the tutor will follow up with the student with an email that will have the Zoom link for the appointment.  Students in MATH 1015 are encouraged to attend the drop-in tutoring sessions.

There will also be about 50 hours of one-on-one tutoring appointments and 15+ hours of drop-in tutoring during Finals Week.  Please log in to sign up for an appointment or two or to get the link for the drop-in hours.


Drop-In Hours for Spring Semester and Finals Week (Last day of Drop-in hours is Tuesday, May 11th)

No appointments needed, but sign in to get the Zoom link. 

Mondays: 5pm - 6pm 

Tuesdays: 9am - noon and 1pm - 4pm

Thursdays: 9am - noon and 1pm - 4pm

New this semester: Virtual Math Study Hall on Mondays 3 - 5pm (Last day is Monday, May 10th.)  

Students can Zoom in anytime on Mondays between 3 - 5p and spend focused time working on their math homework. Our graduate student will be there to answer quick questions, but this is intended to give students time to devote to their homework or reviewing course material.  This is great for students who need a little accountability to get their work done. (And, really, don't we all?). Sign in to get the Zoom link for the Math Study Hall.  No appointment needed.


One-on-one Tutoring (Last day Wed., May 12th). 

Students can make a half-hour individual (virtual) appointment with a precalculus/calculus or statistics tutor. Up to 3 appointments can be made per week, as space allows.  Please sign in to make an appointment. The tutor will contact students directly by email with the Zoom link for the appointment. Students in MATH 1015 are encouraged to attend the drop-in sessions.

A few notes:

Please log-in to see the most current schedule, to make an individual appointment, and to get the Zoom Meeting Number for the Drop-In sessions or for the Math Study Hall.

No tutoring will be offered when the University is closed for holidays, breaks, or inclement weather.

All tutoring through the Math Center is free and is only offered for current Fairfield University students. 

Students in MATH 1015 are encouraged to attend the drop-in sessions.



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